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Real GDP Growth in European Union


“Euro area domestic demand has recorded a significant recovery from low levels, although elevated uncertainty about the economic outlook continues to weigh on consumer spending and business investment.”

“Looking ahead, a further sustained recovery remains highly dependent on the evolution of the pandemic and the success of containment policies. While the uncertainty related to the evolution of the pandemic will likely dampen the strength of the recovery in the labour market and in consumption and investment, the euro area economy should be supported by favourable financing conditions, an expansionary fiscal stance and a strengthening in global activity and demand.”

ECB Economic Bulletin, Issue 6/2020

Recommended Industry Allocation

Should the economic rebound in Europe continue, stocks, belonging to the cyclical industries will outperform a broader market. However, the economic outlook is highly uncertain and stock market volatility is expected to remain high. So, a portfolio should include stocks from the defensive industries as well.

Please use the diagram only as a broad indication what industries could have growth potential under current economic conditions as the industry performance is influenced by many different factors, not only by a business cycle.

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