Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Ticker Company Name Currency Market Cap
in Bln
Dividend Yield
BYW6 BayWa AG EUR 0.96 3.47%
EO Faurecia SA EUR 4.6 3.75%
FR Valeo SA EUR 6.16 0.77%
ESSITY-B Essity AB SEK 190.53 2.3%
FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. EUR 20.85 6.11%
ML Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA EUR 16.26 4.26%
CARL-B Carlsberg AS DKK 128.67 2.49%
HEN Henkel AG & Co EUR 36 2.23%
KRZ Kerry Group PLC EUR 18.55 0.75%
RACE Ferrari NV EUR 37.3 0.74%

Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer goods are the goods bought by consumers for the personal use (the end product). They are classified into two groups:

  • Durables – they last a long time; to be used at least for 3 years (e.g., car, TV);
  • Nondurables – to be used for less than 3 years (e.g., food, clothing).

Sectors of the Industry

According to the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), Consumer Goods industry consists of the following sectors.




Automobile & Parts Automobile & Parts



Auto Parts


Food & Beverage Beverages



Distillers & Vinners

Soft Drinks

Food Producers


Farming & Fishing

Food Products

Personal & Household Goods Household Goods & Home Durable Household Products
Construction NonDurable Household Products


Home Construction

Leisure Goods


Consumer Electronics

Recreational Products


Personal Goods


Clothing & Accessories


Personal Products

Tobacco Tobacco