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About Us

About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to help you in creating investment portfolio with stable and growing dividend income.

Companies, paying and growing their dividends, contribute greatly to building up a long term stable income stream.

We aim to reduce information barriers and help you with getting confident in the area of dividend investing.

Dividend Investing

Learn basics of long term investing into dividend paying companies

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See the list of European companies with higher potential return.

Stock Analysis

Analyze fundamental data and estimate the future stock performance.

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Top European Companies Covered

Largest dividend paying companies of European Union, the UK and Norway are covered on our website.


Improve your investing skills with regular articles about economies, industries, companies as well as dividend investing. No matter what your level of knowledge is, we are always happy to see you on our site!

Stock Picking Tools

Online stock picking tools, including regular stock analysis and different types of stock lists, help you in constructing and running dividend stock portfolio. Access to fundamental data lets you dig deeper into the world of dividend paying companies.

Members' Voice

Every member of our community has an opportunity to make sales, profits and dividend growth projections of stocks. Then average projections are derived from individual ones. Those averages let you to get an idea how our readership judges about the future of any particular company.

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We have a mobile version of Eudividend.com. It is easy to use and contains all the main features of website.

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Our website is FREE service.We have all the information for both new and experienced investors, so join the community and stay informed!

Many companies increase their dividend annually. Over longer term it puts upward pressure on stock price. Also it provides protection against inflation.


Egle Ad, CFA


Dividend investing is the essential part of the process of building long term wealth. Growing dividend income stream can contribute in a great way to your financial freedom.

Bai Ka

Project Manager

The website provides useful tips about investing within the flow of daily news. Also I would recommend to everyone the stock analysis tools available here.

Ali Kurbanov

IT Manager