Basic Materials

Basic Materials

Basic Materials

Ticker Company Name Currency Market Cap
in Bln
Dividend Yield
YARIY Yara International ASA USD 11.4 7.83%
1COV Covestro AG EUR 8.05 8.16%
EVK Evonik Industries AG EUR 9.46 5.76%
NHY Norsk Hydro ASA NOK 166.54 6.65%
UMI Umicore NV EUR 8.31 2.32%
SY1 Symrise AG EUR 13.7 1.04%
RPL UPM Kymmene Oyj EUR 17.91 3.87%
AKZA Akzo Nobel N.V. EUR 12.44 2.9%
DSM Koninklijke DSM NV EUR 20.51 2.11%
BBL BHP Group PLC USD 162.41 23.15%
NGLOY Anglo American PLC USD 61.09 2.23%
LYB LyondellBasell Industries NV USD 31.05 4.52%
RIO Rio Tinto PLC USD 129.41 6.97%
GLNCY Glencore PLC USD 100.96 0%
LIN Linde PLC USD 171.29 1.18%
BAYN Bayer AG EUR 55.12 3.56%
BAS BASF SE EUR 48.41 6.26%
AI Air Liquide S.A. EUR 69.79 1.87%

Basic Materials Industry

The basic materials consist of the following main groups of materials.

  • Various types of metals, including iron ore, copper, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, palladium and many others;
  • Timber and forest products;
  • Chemicals.

Oil, natural gas and coal are also basic materials, but they belong to the Oil&Gas industry.

There are many countries relying in their prosperity on the sources of basic materials. For example, South Africa is known for its gold and platinum mines whereas Brazil and Russia have huge timber reserves.

Companies in the industry explore, extract and refine basic materials before delivering them to customers. It involves capital-intensive projects and current low interest rate environment is accommodative to them. Companies in this industry produce construction materials, paper, packaging products, glass, steel and many other products.

The prices of basic materials are determined by the supply and demand. Basic materials are the raw materials for a production of consumer goods. So, if the demand for consumer goods falls or rises, the demand for basic materials follows the route. The demand for consumer goods, in turn, depends on the health of the global economy. So, any possible major economic downturn makes companies in the basic materials industry less attractive to investors.

Sectors of the Industry

According to the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), Basic Materials industry consists of the following sectors.




Chemicals Chemicals Commodity Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Basic Resources


Forestry & Paper




Industrial Metals & Mining



Non-Ferrous Metals

Iron & Steel

Mining Coal

Diamonds & Gemstones

General Mining

Gold Mining

Platinum & Precious Metals