Ticker Company Name Currency Market Cap
in Bln
Dividend Yield
CBK Commerzbank AG EUR 15.85 2.74%
TLX Talanx AS EUR 17.73 0%
MF Wendel SE EUR 4.06 4.3%
SCR SCOR SE EUR 5.32 6.13%
DANSKE Danske Bank AS DKK 172.65 7.22%
SCBFF Standard Chartered PLC USD 21.1 7.25%
DWNI Deutsche Wohnen SE EUR 6.62 0.24%
III 3I Group PLC GBP 27.49 1.86%
NN NN Group N.V. EUR 11.61 7.55%
MRO Melrose Industries PLC Split 2023 April 1:3 GBP 30.46 0.77%
PGHN Partners Group AG CHF 33.32 3.04%
SAMPO Sampo Oyj EUR 23.71 3.92%
INVE-B Investor AB Split 4:1 in May 2021. SEK 798.04 1.69%
BAER Julius Baer Group AG CHF 10.01 5.32%
SWED-A Swedbank AB SEK 235.42 7.24%
EBS Erste Group Bank AG EUR 17.5 6.51%
SEB-A Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB SEK 311.64 5.97%
SHB-B Svenska Handelsbanken AB SEK 257.6 9.99%
DNB DNB ASA NOK 323.69 7.5%
SLHN Swiss Life Holding AG CHF 17.96 5.29%
LLOY Lloyds Banking Group PLC GBP 32.53 5.86%
LSE London Stock Exchange Group PLC GBP 37.34 1.66%
NDA-FI Nordea Bank ABP EUR 36.97 8.78%
UNI Unipol Gruppo S.p.A. EUR 5.69 4.79%
KBC KBC Group N.V. EUR 28.17 6.14%
SSREY Swiss Re AG USD 34.09 5.79%
MAP Mapfre SA EUR 6.64 6.91%
LGEN Legal & General Group PLC GBP 14.78 8.01%
AGN Aegon Ltd. EUR 9.68 4.7%
UBS UBS Group AG USD 91.23 2.23%
ZURVY Zurich Insurance Group Ltd. USD 70.95 5.44%
UCG UniCredit SpA EUR 56.53 5.29%
PUK Prudential PLC USD 24.21 2.26%
AV Aviva PLC GBP 12.49 7.14%
NWG NatWest Group Plc GBP 9.77 15.17%
BARC Barclays PLC GBP 27.56 4.37%
DBK Deutsche Bank AG EUR 28.67 3.11%
ACA Credit Agricole SA EUR 41.06 7.74%
HSBC HSBC Holdings PLC USD 154.21 7.52%
G Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. EUR 35.33 5.72%
EXO Exor N.V. EUR 13.96 0.74%
DB1 Deutsche Borse AG EUR 35.58 2.03%
GLE Societe Generale S.A. EUR 19.43 3.7%
MUV2 Munich Re EUR 55.06 3.65%
ISP Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. EUR 59.35 9.23%
INGA ING Group N.V. EUR 48.51 7.55%
BNP BNP Paribas S.A. EUR 72.77 7.21%
SAN Banco Santander S.A. EUR 68.36 4.13%
BBVA Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria EUR 55.78 5.52%
CS AXA S.A. EUR 73.08 5.96%
ALV Allianz SE EUR 101.37 5.32%

Financials Industry

Companies in Financials industry provide the financial services. It consists of commercial banks, insurance companies, asset managers, brokerage firms and many other types of financial institutions. They provide transactions, investing, mortgages, insurance and other services.One of the areas of activity in this industry is to provide loans to businesses. Loans let businesses to expand through the capital projects and investments. This leads to the economic growth. So stability of the Financials industry is one of the crucial factors for the stability of the whole economy. Because of that governments regulate the industry, usually through their central banks.

Current low interest rate environment is favorable for the expansion of businesses. If interest rates rise, banks and other financial institutions can earn more, but credits become more expensive to their customers. At the same time when long term rates go down, banks earn less since they usually borrow at short term rates and lend at longer term rates. In addition, lower long term rates go along with slowing economic growth and lower loan demands.

Industry trends

Financial industry is under major transformation. There is an increasing pressure for the structural changes driven by the new technology. In recent years fintech companies are cherry picking profitable activities and, thus, reducing profit margins of the established financial institutions. Also big technology companies are entering the financial services field. This happens, for example, in the areas like payments, consumer finance, asset management and insurance. In response to it, the financial institutions invest heavily in technology and productivity, improving the customer experience, simplifying processes and reducing overcapacity. They invest in incubation and accelerator platforms. But in many cases the progress in slow and the results unpredictable. Successful companies have clear vision how business in the future will shape and what will be the main sources of profitability.

Larger companies in this industry pay and regularly increase their dividends.

Sectors of the Industry

According to the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), Financials industry consists of the following sectors.




Banks Banks Banks


Nonlife Insurance


Full Line Insurance

Insurance Brokers

Property & Casualty Insurance


  Life Insurance Life Insurance
Real Estate


Real Estate Investment & Services Real Estate Holding & Development

Real Estate Services

  Real Estate Investment Trusts


Industrial & Office, Retail, Residential, Diversified, Specialty,Mortgage, Hotel & Lodging REITs
Financial Services Financial Services Asset Managers

Consumer Finance

Specialty Finance

Investment Services

Mortgage Finance

Investment Instruments Equity Investment Instruments Equity Investment Instruments
  Nonequity Investment Instruments Nonequity Investment Instruments